Endometriosis is a health condition where cells similar to the cellular coating of your uterus grow on organs external to the uterus. These cells account for hormones like the cellular liner of your womb does. It collects as well as disruptions down monthly. Just it can’t jet your body over the vaginal canal. So, it might trigger countless pain, heavy bleeding, and fertility problems, among other signs.

It could seem balanced that when your periods leave, endometriosis would certainly moreover stop. That’s not always the condition. In 2 to 5 percent of vital resources cases, endometriosis occurs after menopause. It’s rare, yet it happens.

If you continue to have endometriosis after menopause, it is very significant to think through your treatment choices. Not treating it has some health concerns.

Can you have endometriosis after menopause if you’ve never had endometriosis?

Endometriosis after menopause is more thinkable if you have been recognized with the condition before. Still, endometriosis can start after your times finish. In detail, it infrequently starts as frequently as one decade later.

Scientists think the development of these uterus-like cells can be curved by something in your genetic background or setting that affects your genetic factor.

Commonly, women determine they have endometriosis when they consult a medical expert because they have signs such as:

  • increasing pelvic pain
  • pain when having a bowel movement
  • discomfort when urinating
  • bowel irregularity

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