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We assure that Sunridge hospital will provide best services and care…

Sunridge hospital is a Multi-Specialty hospital where we focus on delivering state of the art healthcare services at affordable prices. We are a 50 bedded hospital with ICU, NICU, Labour and Emergency rooms. We aim to provide a complete holistic care to our patients by not only addressing their physical ailments but keep their mental health in mind as well during treatments.

The doctors at Sunridge hospital are some of the leading specialists in their fields and have a very strong support staff to aid them in delivering the best healthcare experience to our patients.

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24 x 7 Ambulance Facility with O2 facility and drivers experienced in Healthcare facility.



We have a 9 bed fully equipped ICU with Cardiac Monitors, 4 Ventilators and 1 mobile Ventilator and qualified ICU staff with considerable experience in handling a variety of cases.



We have a full-fledged X-Ray room in the hospital. We also have a bedside mobile X-Ray that can be moved to any corner of the hospital for exposing bed-side X-Ray.



We have 2 dedicated ECGs in the hospital and they also provide complex reading in a simple manner.

Our Customer Speaks

Ryan Naveen

There is no other doctor like DR. Raghunath reddy. He is the best, he treated my relatives 6 people and 4 friends with covid 19. All are doing great. He is so humble as a doctor, I will recommend everyone to Dr. Raghunath reddy.


It was a great approach from the doctor’s end. Dr. Varunmai has enough patience to listen to the patient’s issues completely and gave ample amount of time to understand the patient’s issues. I do feel better within a span of 5 days. It was a great investment of time and value of my money for my health. Thank you doctor.


Dr. Abhilash is one of the best gastroenterologist I have seen. He gives very detailed counselling and apt treatment. I took his treatment and found very useful. Staff they are also very helpful and supportive.

Manasa panugatla

All staff is very good and friendly Dmo doctors are very alert and caring sister are given the medicine timely house keeping staff keeps the rooms and washroom very clean n hygine coming to Dr.smitha maam is excellent and very supportive guides the patient like her family

Chinna Siri

An excellent doctor, her guidance made my journey to be mom absolutely trouble free. For her lovely behaviour and good communication skill sure u will feel better.

Aasiya Sultana

DR.SURESH BABU....I heartfully THANK him for my treatment where I went thru a laparoscopy surgery. I was skeptical in the beginning but my first meet with him till complete recovery, he has taken complete care, personally.

Arunachutha Kumar

Admitted my father to this hospital, as per doctor advice. Dr Krishna murthy given very good treatment and he is very polite n friendly. Raju who took our admission process is also polite and friendly and he has given awesome support during entire process


It is Very Good Hospital. My Uncle Got Admitted for appendectomy.The Hospital Stuff And Doctors Taken Care perfectly. I am Satisfied 😇 Good Behavoiur Stuffs Student Stuffs Are Also Very Good Friendly.. Perfect Hospital 👍💯 .

Balaraju Salluri

My father got admitted at this hospital for surgical procedure of Sigmoid colon cancer under supervision of Dr. Suresh Babu sir. We were very much satisfied with his treatment. Doctor has very much patience to listen to patient complaints. Hospital maintenance is good.


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